Saturday, March 21, 2009

My new site and blog

Hi all,
I just wanted to drop a quick note and say I have consolidated my site and blog here. :)
Drop by and say hi. :) I would love to know what you think. I will make a list of any suggested changes and when my budget allows try to incorporate them. :)

EDIT: So, just wondering: Keep the slideshow or drop it? Are there any specific pictures you suggest I pull out of the gallery? Thanks! :)


Carmen Keys said...

What a beautiful design, Christy! I love that it is so whimsical, yet very clean. The colors are marvelous. I also like how you've done the thumbnails for your portfolio/gallery, by having the larger images show up when you click on them -- very easy and quick, which I'm sure publishers would appreciate.
Some nitpicks: I would get rid of the fancy transitions in your Flash slideshow on the main page -- they are rather distracting from the art, and a regular smooth fade transition like you already have on some of the images would serve the function of the slideshow much better IMO.
The other thing, and this is just personal preference -- is there a way to expand your blog posts so that people don't have to click on the "read more" to get the whole thing? It just seems like unnecessary extra work for the visitor, and it's better to keep things super easy for them.
Other than those two things, I think it's wonderful! I also like how you made the navigation very easy and clear. One of the things I learned in school was never use "mystery navigation", like just having untitled fancy buttons or picture links instead of word links to one's website sections, so that visitors have to hunt around to find what they are looking for (and many leave out of annoyance before really exploring much). Gold star to you for no mystery navigation, heheh!

marikris said...

Hi, Christy! Your page is very neat and clean. That is fantastic. I like the arrangements, where the links are, the header and navigation. I think I'd agree with Carmen about the fancy transitions on the slideshow because sometimes the slide lags and it gets stuck with differing pieces from one slide to the other. It happens, but the fade would at least make it not so abstract.

Another thing is the link to view your gallery via PicLens. I noticed that your traditional works are horribly pixelated when viewed here, so just a heads up.

Awesome site, Christy.

<3 Kris

pete said...

I really enjoy your site!

Is there a way to get your portfolio images to post a bit larger?

marikris said...

Mmm. I think it looks fine without the slideshow. I guess this way, it will direct them straight to your portfolio.

Christy said...

Yeah, Pete...I think they do need to be bigger. She wanted them small to host them on her server, but they might be too small...I will ask her if they can be slightly bigger. :)

Thanks, Kris...I decided it needed to come out. I will add a pic under the text to complement the banner. :)

Thanks to all of you for your help and comments. It is a never-ending process isn't? LOL

sara.b said...

Looks great, I know I'm late on this, but I agree with what has been said, crits and positives. It compliments your work very well.

My only concern that, if it's been mentioned, forgive me, but making all of the images in the gallery the same. Some are small, some are large....make sure they are consistent. When I visited there were some where I had to scroll a bit. Just keep an eye out for that. :)