Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Work is a bit slow right now so I've been working on illustrations as much as I can. Just trying to improve my skills and maybe get a portfolio piece out of this too.


Carmen Keys said...

This looks great, Steve! Funny expression on the bunny's face, nice color scheme, and I like how the background gets less focused. And those shiny eyeballs!
A couple of things I noticed: on the side of the rabbit's head that is in the light (so *his* right side), he blends in with the fence boards a little too much -- maybe a wee bit stronger line at the edge there.
The other thing is I would tone down the outlines on the leafy part of the carrots a tad so that they aren't so dark in contrast to the lines of the rest of the illustration. Maybe a mid-dark green.
This really looks good though, I think the composition really works and I can feel the sneakyness!

Christy said...

Hi Steve,
Clever little composition. :) My suggestion for the carrots stems from my garden in that carrot greens are more feathery and differently shaped than shown here. Could you look up how carrot tops are shaped and change that? I apologize if I am wrong here...I haven't picked carrots in a few months. :)
I love the ragged seed packet and the grass behind him. The line quality on this one seems very balanced (except for the carrot tops) and it lends itself to a even-feeling illo. I especially like the shadows...and his expression. :)

Isaac Marzioli - Freelance Illustrator said...

very nice drawing! I love the rabbit's eyes! They're so round and moist! I need to pay attention to that sort of thing, my eyes are always flat.

Was this intentional? Did you do a very in focus rabbit and foreground and then fade it out as it went back? It looks like a photodrawing of sorts with rabbit and carrots very crisp and then the background fades out and desaturates. I really like that! It really seperates the foreground from the background.

The only thing I could see is what was stated above about the side of the rabbit's head blending in a little to the fence...but other than that, it's great!

Was this another quick painting that took less than an hour? If so, you're a jerk (heh).

pete said...

The focusing of the main foreground seems intentional to me...which is awesome as Isaac stated. It really, really works.

Ditto on the left side of the rabbits head.