Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Working on human characters

I'm working on creating more illustrations that contain children for my portfolio. This is a new piece I have been working on but I wondered if it seemed to quiet or maybe I should try a different background?


Carmen Keys said...

This is so sweet, Wendy! What a great expression on her face, the way you rendered her nose and mouth makes her come alive.
Her ears seem to meld a little too much with her face at the moment, maybe if you darkened the line at her cheek it would help separate them a little more from her face.
Personally I like the background how it is, it doesn't feel quiet to me -- it makes her warm hair and skin pop.

Cyn Narcisi said...

I love her expression, Wendy! So eager and hopeful! I would maybe vary the size of the white swirls. They're all the same size, which in my opinion, isn't very interesting to the picture. But i like the energy they create. It works well with the theme here. LOVE the pigtails! :)

pete said...

I also enjoy her expression. You've captured that very well. I also like the child-rendered illustration of the card to Mom.

You might consider extending her pig tails further...the seem to be stopping a bit short. I think the size/paper ratio you've selected works well and wouldn't be agitated by allowing the hair to flow out of the frame of the image.

I like the background as is, but I would be curious to see how things looked with a different one. You've chosen to use foreshortening on her left hand, making it appear larger than her right, but it might be clearer to the viewer if you've got some landmarks in the background to help it "land."

This piece has tons of potential for repositioning (advice I am also receiving)...not to overstep my critique, but her eyes are so strong to me that you could even go as far as covering the lower half of her face with the card. Her eyes are very convincing!

Tiddly Inks said...

Hi Wendy,
The eyes are really great on this character and so is her bear. :) Actually all her facial features are nice. I do agree that there needs to be more shadowing on the back side though--near the ears and chin to create some contrast. I think addding a floor behind her so that we can see that she is standing at a weird angle, thus accounting for the hand and direction of the gaze would add a lot to the picture. I personally hate to mess up the background once I have a final character, so I understand the hestitation to do that. LOL
Also, I love swirls, but I think the color and similarity of these swirls doesn't do the girl justice. I think her hair needs a little something too. Her bangs are lovely and choppy (I am guessing she cut them herself ? :D) but the ponytails aren't quite 'flowy' enough. I think she has a lot of potential to be really finished out, so I look forward to your changes. :)
Have a great weekend,