Thursday, February 12, 2009 querey

I've had my website for about a year, and I'm trying to decide if some of my work is a bit outdated. I've been at this, more seriously, for a bit over a year and a few of my portfolio pieces seem off to me...they were some of my initial works and some seem less developed.

I'm referring to the pink gorilla, the turtle and snail, Santa, and the Goldilocks paintings. Do you think they're out of sync with my others? I'm kinda thinking they are...

I've heard of people up and redoing their whole portfolio and maybe these should go by the wayside. I could be just getting tired of looking at them there, too. Any thoughts?

My fear is that things don't seem consistent.


Carmen Keys said...

You know Pete I think I agree about the paintings you mentioned.... it's not that they aren't good or imaginative (because all of your work is!), they just seem a bit different in style -- like less three dimensional/detailed in relation to the rest of your work I suppose. I can't find the turtle and snail one though, maybe I'm just missing it?
The Goldilocks one where she is at the three bears' house doesn't seem quite as different to me though, I don't think it would hurt to leave that one as you build up more work for the portfolio.
Seriously though I love your imagination!! :D These all crack me up.

Pixiewinkle said...

Pete- Usually you want to have your portfolio consist of your top twelve-fifteen pieces. When I went to the NYC conference (yes I will write more about it soon, I was just so overwhelmed that I needed time to digest before writing about it on the blog) they stressed that it is very important to have sequences in your portfolio- which you have with Goldilocks. The only piece that I feel you might take out is the pink gorilla, but I would keep the others in there until you have something to replace them with. Maybe you should do a sequence of three new paintings and replace the others that you are not as psyched about. If you aren't comfortable with them, then that says it all. You should LOVE everything on your website.

Tiddly Inks said...

I agree with both comments. I didn't see the snail one either.
You have an amazing talent, so you could keep them all in and be fine. LOL

pete said...

Thanks, everybody. I've decided to remove the gorilla and Santa scene. I'd had forgotten that I already move the tortoise/snail painting...sorry for the confusion.

I agree that those pieces might be a bit outdated and don't mesh with my more recent stuff. Thanks for taking the time to look!

I'm shooting for the 12-15 number...I should be there in a few months at the pace I'm finding now.

My 4 month old daughter is now sleeping through the night more consistently which equals happier parents! :) I can paint again!