Wednesday, February 11, 2009

WIP Disaster

So when I started this painting I really liked it, but now it looks all wrong and overworked even though it is only in WIP stage. Did I go too dark too fast? Does the tree look horrible? I wonder if it is worth saving or if I should just start over. The girl is supposed to be on a camping trip, and she's out exploring the woods with her dog.
Bleh, help! :)


Lyon said...

I don't think it's the colors. They look okay to me. In my opinion, the composition is weak. There is no clear main focus for the "story", I'm guessing you wan the girl to be that. And no "empty" spaces for the eye to rest.

I suggest you do start over with a bunch of tiny thumbnails playing with size and placement until you find an arrangement that is pleasing and then draw in the details.

Love the expression on the girl's face.

Cyn Narcisi said...

I think you need to add elements of a 'camping trip' to the picture. Where's her backpack? Maybe she should be wearing hiking boots? Give her a waterbottle maybe or binoculars or a trail map:) Maybe a journal for field notes. I feel the dog isn't really connecting with her either. I think he needs repositioning so he's not completely facing away:) You drew him beautifully. I love the way you handled the leaves, very nice technique:) Good luck!

marikris said...

Hi, Carmen! Also, to add to what's been said above: I think some hints of sky would be nice as well. Some yellow, some clouds, some blue, just to give a bit more dimension in the background. I love how you handled the girl and the tree trunk. My favorite part is her complexion, a nice color with those rosy cheeks.

pete said...

I like the deep color of the tree...they exist like that in the natural world so it doesn't really bother me. My eye is drawn to it first because of that bold, beautiful color.

Since you've gone this far, you have nothing to lose in pushing it further if you're going to do a redo as suggested. I'd be curious to see what happened to the existing composition if you added some light and shadow peeking through onto the character and grass at her feet. It's also possible that finishing the pup might balance things out as well....and I would stay away from the background and water as they tend to look finished to my eye.

I, personally, find it very difficult to judge the overall composition until I'm completed with a painting...but that's just my 2 cents worth. Who knows, you might end up loving it later.

I do agree that the doggie might be stronger if he was repositioned.

That girl's hair and face are very well is the rest of her.

Pixiewinkle said...

I really like Cyn's idea of adding extra elements. It doesn't have to necessarily be a camping trip- maybe a basket filled with___? The point is, what is she doing in the woods near the water? What is her dog looking at? I really like the girl-every time I look at her I get a warm feeling inside, so I think that you should save this painting. The tree doesn't bother me- it looks like a cypress so if that is correct, then it reads well.

Pixiewinkle said...
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Tiddly Inks said...

I agree with all of the above (I am usually the last, so all the good stuff is already said LOL). I would redo it with more light, more interaction with dog/girl, and adding camping or hiking accessories. You paint beautifully, so it isn't your style or the tree. I think it is the lack of a focus or story. I would love to see what comes of it. The little girl is adorable. :)

Isaac Marzioli - Freelance Illustrator said...

I really like how you did the little girl's face! very nice and solid. I agree with above - in that illustration critique I had at the San Diego Conference, the lady said that I didn't have enough interaction with characters, and I think that's something that would help this illustration. Have the characters reacting to each other or interacting. Also - the little girl's pose seems to need more dynamicism, currently she's standing very passively.

I love the tree - the bark and texture of the leaves look like they're going to be quite strong - and because they're more muted and the girl's colors are more saturated, I don't think the darkness will necessarily conflict with the girl. She almost seems framed by the tree. Very nice!

Carmen Keys said...

Thanks everyone!! I think I might try messing with this with your suggestions.... if I still hate it I'll start over with a new composition.