Sunday, February 8, 2009

Time Flies

I wanted to add this to my portfolio, so I am looking for feedback first. :) I am debating whether to paint anything or not in the background...any suggestions?


pete said...

I really like the way your personal style comes through in this character. I also, personally, would avoid a background on this one, because the vivid red bounces so nicely off the white background! My taste only perhaps. I also think you masterfully show the numbers dancing off the clock face. I like seeing movement like that.

It's hard for me to critique this one, but the things that jump at me are her hair following her left arm a bit closely and perhaps a need for darker shadowing in the reds.

sara.b said...

Beautiful job! I too adore the movement in this piece, everything comes together very nice. Her body weight, the leg, even the hair, and even the clock hands all move delicately.

I would keep the background white. And I personally, although you do loose the hair visually a bit, wouldn't change the hair. There are enough highlights that you know they aren't a part of the red. I also know my monitor screen sees colors darker than they really are...and I see the highlights. So honestly, I wouldn't worry too much about them. You can add more highlight or more shadow, but it would be careful, it could get muddy in there and distract from the graceful movement we see happening with the clock.

Beautiful piece, cute concept, a sweet spot for your portfolio. :)

Carmen Keys said...

Your characters are so whimsical, love it! I also think this is great as-is. If you added a background at all, I'd say a very pale round wash. But I don't think I would add one, these colors work so well against the white.
I really like how she is peeking out from behind the clock, just adds a certain personality to the piece.