Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Shy Monster

I never know what to title my art. I hate trying to come up with new names for illustrations so let me know if you have a better name for this piece.


pete said...

Nice work, Steve!

The posture and emotion of this furry guy is right on once again! I really enjoy your use of lighting and how you created a soft portrait feel. Highly effective!

For me, the eye socket shadow on the right maybe went a bit too dark...it seems to be the darkest shadow in the whole composition which might be the reason its throwing me. Maybe bring some of the other shadows to that same value or lighten slightly??? Maybe not...I gotta say something critical right? :)

The floor texturing is really great and the eyes rule! Congrats on the recent sales of your new book! Here's to your continued success!

Isaac Marzioli - Freelance Illustrator said...

great detailing! And, once again, I love your eyes (as well as your handling of hair). Great stuff.

I feel like the feet are a little flat but only because of how dimensional everything else is. Nice work.

I suck with naming too - I went through over a hundred names for my square animals before picking (and possibly settling on) Squaremania.

What about coy monster? Or Blue Beast (like, maybe he's a sad monster...and he's literally blue). But really, I got nothin...