Monday, August 30, 2010

can you pickle a star?

well, here it is...oil on canvas. i finished last week and am working on making it into a postcard today. i like how it ended up and decided to make it my next mailer. here's to finding a big-time publisher to fulfill my dreams! :)

hope all is well with everybody!


Patti said...

Looks great! I think it will be a good post card.

Isaac Marzioli - Freelance Illustrator said...

holy cow! Did you find a photograph to go behind it?

I'm just kidding - that's some terrific space painting! And then the character - very nice! It's terrific how you had the light coming from the star illuminating the alien.

It's definitely postcard worthy. I hope you took note of how long it took you to paint (so you can better judge how long it would take to do 32 paintings like this).

Is there going to be a back illustration to the postcard?

pete said...

thanks, guys. i'm looking forward to seeing if this drives publishers to my website.

this painting took a tad under a week to finish. 32 would take an eternity!!! have you noticed how many newer titles have gone the way of having double-page spreads on every page? it's a trend i've spotted in my weekly visits to the library with my kids. i often see a books image count being under 20 - for everything (cover/title page/front back matter).

i went back and forth on whether to put a design on the back. but in the end i decided to leave the back blank except for postage, return and mailing address. i like the idea of showing consistency of character and some sequencing on the card, but i'm hoping the single image approach will suffice. it may not work. i'm going for a "clean" card with no distractions...emphasis completely on the marketing image.

thanks for the comments!

Christy/Tiddly Inks Digitals said...

Pete, this is fantastic. :) Really great. I hope you do have all your dreams come true. :)