Monday, June 14, 2010

Back O' the postcard

Hi there folks,

So here's the finished comp for the back of the postcard.  i put it all together, but have each element separate so it can be moved around.  I originally had my website under my name - but it just got too muddled, so I moved it into the tree to, hopefully, have it stand out from the rest.

What do you think?

 Should the grass below the cat flow up like it does in the first one?  Or circle around the character like in the second one?  I don't know which one looks better...I originally made it like the one above because I thought it would look better if the honey from the cat's hand overlaps the grass...but now that I redid it with it under, I don't know which one looks better.  Any ideas?

And I did the two drawings as if they were two separate illustrations because I wanted to show on the back of the card that I could do the spot illustrations as well as the full page I don't know if that helps with deciding which direction to go with the grass...


pete said...

sorry i missed the initial crits. i think it looks great now.

had you considered moving the blue guy and the squirrel, and tree over to the lower right corner? the composition of that makes a nice reverse "L" shape that could frame that edge nicely. then you could "flip" or mirror the white guy running away, terrified from the swarm to the mid/upper right corner.

just a thought. oh, and i like the lower version of the grass better.

the characters look great, as always!

Pixiewinkle said...

Isaac- the placement looks great and I like the movement you have going on. The only suggestion that I might add is that I wish there was a little color pop somewhere- very subjective comment as I love color, and I know that you often use a more muted palette, but it's a thought you might consider. Possibly making the squirrel orange or the tummy of the kitten a little brighter.