Friday, November 5, 2010

Illustration Friday Topic-Afterwards

I just submitted this image for the Illustration Friday Topic of Afterwards.


Isaac Marzioli - Freelance Illustrator said...

I always like to see little kids covered in vomit! I know it's probably pea soup or something, but it appeals to me more if it's grosser!

It's a cute illustration - and I really like the bib (I feel like it should be a real on that license!).

pete said...

hi, patti! it's tough being the older sibling, isn't it? :) and you also gotta wonder how little kiddos get any nutrients when most of what parents provide either ends up on their clothes or in their hair (despite how much faith we put in tiny, little bibs).

i checked out your website and saw that this is part of series! this is a great submission for illustration friday's topic and for your portfolio, too!

i really like how you captured the look of frustration on big sis and the wild happiness of the little boy! i also like your overall color scheme.

the only thing that's throwing me off is the stylistic difference between the eyes/mouth of you characters (realistic vs. cartoon). i could see either style working on both characters - but seeing both, together, created something that struck me.

great illo though. what is your medium?

Patti said...

Funny, I hadn't even thought about the difference in the style of the eyes.
It's painted in oils on illustration board.

pete said...

yippee for oils! :) looks great! you did an excellent job making their clothes look soft.

i gotta ask, since i'm studying oils, if you limit your palette any? i've been learning lots about zorn palettes and others. also, do you use a medium (turp, mix, other)?

Patti said...

I've been working with the water based oils. I like them and I hate the mess and smell from the turp.
I don't usually have a limited palette in mind. I usually have a general idea in my head as to what I want it to look like and follow that. I studied color in art school and I am sure it heavily influences my palettes. We studied the munsell color system. Frankly I think it was the best class I ever took.