Monday, February 1, 2010

What You Look'n At?

Just want to know if this has a pop to it?
Is the lighting good?
Does it have a mood to it?
There's a certain effect that I am trying to achieve and I am getting close, but just not there yet. Let me know your thoughts.


Patti said...

He looks really pissed off. I love it! Definite mood! Your lighting looks good to me. You can certainly see where the source is.

sara b. said...

Lol I get that expression sometimes at work from my students. Love it! Like Patti said, the lighting is really sharp and the mood is there 100%. I think it's awesome!

sara b. said...

Just noticed his whiskers. Maybe bring them out a wee bit more...they're too great to miss!

pete said...

Ditto on Sara's comment about the whiskers. Maybe some more thickness? I think the color is great on 'em and the highlights are perfectly placed.

His expression is really he was getting a portrait photographed but just wasn't quite ready for the shutter to snap! :)

The colors are great. You could go darker in the background and deeper with his facial/body shadows if you wanted to increase the drama, but I think it's already there.

Excellent! A job well done!

Isaac Marzioli - Freelance Illustrator said...

I like the attitude - I'm going to go with frustration. That's what it looks like to me. For some reason, even though it's green, his hair reminds me of Conan O'brian's hair.

Anyhow - I like the 'portrait' of the monster. Good color, good lighting...I like the details. The only thing I'm not terribly fond of is the whiskers...I feel like they are a bit distracting rather than helpful. I like the pits in his face where they come out...but the whiskers don't feel like they fit - especially since the rest of his fur and the hair on his head is blocked shapes (even with more detail, they're going to be thicker and not single strands of hair like the whiskers). But it might just be me that's not in to them.