Monday, February 15, 2010

what do you think?

hey-ya folks!  what do you think of this one?  I knew it would end up being a lot of blue - and I"m fully prepared to change the color slightly of the water or something to make the character stand out a bit more, but I thought it was fine this way...what do you think?

With the wood between the character and the water, i thought it would help him stand out against it...


Patti said...

What do you think about making the reflection a little more rippled? I think you could create a little more depth with more contrast in the water by the sky. Also could maybe break up the blue in the sky with a cloud or two? The character is really cute.

Steve Harpster said...

Is this your blue period?

I like it...I think it's a melancholy piece and it's loneliness.

I don't have any suggestions...I like it.