Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mummy Skunk...

This monster stinks!

So this is yet another illustration of these nameless square animals. I did this drawing for illustration friday (I'm addicted to getting views on my blog...300 over the weekend! WHOO!).

But whatcha think? Is there anything this piece needs? Anything this little fella could use? Usually the skunk is a girl, but I didn't put eyelashes on this one, so it's a fella...


Patti said...

Maybe you can have a reason that the character is wrapped. ( roll of toilet paper trailing) Very cute image.

marikris said...

Hi, Isaac! I love the thought of a skunk mummy running through what looks like a cemetery (right? those are tombstones?). That is very creative! The only thing is the "skunk" part didn't jump out at me. When I think skunk, I think fluffy/bushy, stripey, black and white. I wasn't sure exactly how to describe what I mean, so I did a very crude mishmash copy to better visualize these ideas: http://s25.photobucket.com/albums/c71/marikris/?action=view&current=Skunk_IsaacMarzioli.jpg

Anyway, grain of salt and all that lol. Your square animals are definitely challenging. I think you need to add one to your blog counter, coz here I come ^_^


marikris said...

So I remembered this one you did http://s49.photobucket.com/albums/f270/meshaq2000/?action=view&current=pillows_swinging-1.jpg

And that looks like a skunk to me. Probably just the bushier tail.


pete said...

I say you decompose his fur and let some bony paws loose from those wrappings! He looks way too healthy. Maybe he's just dressing for Halloween and not actually the undead.

I like it, Isaac. His expression reads well and his body posture adds to the overall composition. I feel like the left leg (his right) is a tad larger than the other, but the wrappings would make it larger.

If it were me, I'd add some texture to the wrappings to make them look a bit more dingy.

Nice work again.