Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Hello everyone I wanted to introduce myself to the group and to thank Sara for graciously extending me an invite into this critique group. I think these groups are very valuable not only for feedback and inspiration but it helps motivate me. I look forward to participating and getting to know you all. I don't want to be long-winded so maybe it is best to show my latest piece and share my website with everyone. I am in the process of developing my 'Little Rose Nakita' character (a sort of quirky character) to include children of all races and ethnicity. I've got my bio and some samples of my work up on my website if you wish to see more at http://www.nicolebrekelbaum.com
Thanks again and I look forward to participating.

My Original 'Little Rose Nakita' Character

My newest piece I am working on. The empty space above her head is bugging me a bit. Any suggestions? Thanks a bunch!

This is the revised version. Thanks everyone for the feedback!


Lara Lakshmi said...

I like Little Rose Nakita - she definitely crosses race and ethnicity in the original image, and reminds me of my daughter, who looks like she has one Indian or Hispanic parent and one Asian parent. Rose looks younger in the original version than in the Hula picture, where her skin tone also reads much darker. Also, her little sister may need to be enlarged to look the right size in perspective. Grandma's left arm needs to be connected to body somehow? I like her smile and enthusiastic applause - so typical! Grandpa's glasses seem to be floating around his brows - lower them? Overall, this is a fun image with the cupcakes and balloons, and I like the kid sister's expression of adoration too.

Pixiewinkle said...

Hi Nicole- Great illustrations! I love the color and the energy. For the space above her head" I didn't notice it until you pointed it out, but I would darken the color so that the focus goes to her face. That should be a simple fix. I also noticed granny's unconnected arm. Welcome!

marikris said...

Hi, Nicole! I agree with what's been said. I did think a lot about what your question on the upper region. What if you switched the balloons around? Like, have the two balloons on the left side and the five balloons on the right? That way the 5 balloons (which would be higher than where the 2 are now) would draw our eyes from the top right, get swept along by the direction of her hands and flow to the balloons on the left.

Anyway, just a thought ^_^ I really love the energy here (the bright colors and expressions) and I think the directionality might be the ticket.


nicbrek said...

Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it. Going to make some changes to the piece so that it is a keeper for my portfolio.