Friday, May 15, 2009

An IF illustration - Parade

A parade of prairie dogs. I got a late start on this so it's too late for last week's IF, but better late than never.

Now that it's done I can move onto the next task on my list. I like being able to cross things out.

Oh, and seeing the top of my drafting table again! How cool is that?


Pixiewinkle said...

Very nice. I like the lighting of the sky. I need to get back to doing IFs as well...

Carmen Keys said...

Aw, prairie dog parade! I like how you've done your cast shadows, and the whole piece has kind of a misty quality about it. Like just after a rain. I'm not sure if all of these critters are from one family, but some of the little ones are *really* little in comparison. I suppose they could be visiting cousins!
I like the colors choices on this, very spring-y.