Thursday, January 20, 2011

New web art

I'm in the process of completely revamping my web site. This is the new masthead art. Once I get all the pages converted, then I will be jumping in with both feet to create a new body of work.


Carmen Medlin said...

This looks great, Wendy! The colors look nice together. I'm about to revamp mine as well for a style change. So hard to pin down just what to do.
I'll look forward to seeing your new website when it goes up!

kris fulk said...

Hi, Wendy! The art looks great. I was wondering, though, what it would look like with a little lighter color for your name. Maybe with a lighter green or an orangey color? I see what you are doing with the leading lines into her cape, but I wondered if a more subtle color will work better with the bold color scheme on the girl.

Patti said...

This looks good. Wow, very enterprising to be creating a whole new body of work. Go Girl!

Isaac Marzioli - Freelance Illustrator said...

I like how you played with the border and the character is really cute riding the brush.

My only concern is the font - While the flow of the words match the whimsy and imagination - the words might be a little harder to make out easily. And it's not too bad, but that's just a concern if people can't easily see who you are. Is it possible to tone back the style of the letters a little bit so it reads easier? For instance, the middle word reads as either Martin or Marlin depending on how you interpret the swish coming from the n.

Also - the color green seems out of place from the rest of the color of the piece. I know it's a contrasty color to stand apart from the rest of the stuff, but you might want to think of a more complimentary color - one that still stands out, but gels better with the rest of the piece.

Great job - and good luck with the new website!