Friday, December 3, 2010


Hi guys, I keep thinking I am going to get more together and get some more samples posted in here and I do have some for the private blog coming very soon...I swear it. LOL

We moved not too long ago (it has been a few months already) and I started a new business in May and I feel like I have been sinking ever since. LOL Mostly in a good way, but my illustrations have turned into portrait-style stamps and not so much into finished illustrations that I would be proud to post. It is quite a dilemnia.

I do have a book coming out soon...or so they say. LOL
Here is the link to Oogle Flip.

Here are some line drawings that have a tiny bit of action, but I need more if I am going to try to get published some more..... LOL  I just haven't had any real finished color work now for almost 6 months, so this is what I have to share...happy to take thoughts on them though. :)

Here are two colored pieces I made just for fun...They are both done digitally in PS.

Thanks for any comments or suggestions. :)


kris fulk said...

Ohhhh, Christy -Love love love love your colored illos at the bottom. Hope to see more of those for sure. And good luck with your book! I remember that green guy ^_^

Isaac Marzioli - Freelance Illustrator said...

holy cow! Nothing (for a while) and then shazam! You should have broken it up into three or four posts so they could each get their own set of attention and not a general feeling. But it's a nice collection of work! So great job!

It's an interesting choice to have the word tiddlyinks as the foreground - I think the drawings could do fine without that...but of course I'm kidding - I assume it's to keep people from stealing them?

I like the inking on the top five illustrations - on the 3rd one, where the girl is smelling the flower - some of the inked lines are a little lighter than others (in the hair) - are those going to be deleted or thickened in?

I really like the inking though on all of them - it's got a nice hand drawn look to them that I can't get in illustrator...

Carmen Medlin said...

These rock!! I know, I've been missing awhile too. I love the little illo based on the Princess Bride. Did you do this in Photoshop, Painter?

Christy/Tiddly Inks Digitals said...

Hi Kris, thanks. :) The green guy finally got finished...never really want to see him again. LOL

Isaac, I didn't mean to post so many at one time...It has been a while and until you reminded me, I didn't think about it. I am used to posting multiple pix on my own blog and just spaced out. I am sorry to innundate you all....oooopss.

I just used the watermarked icons I have in my shop rather than reworking them...LOL I rather like the text on top...adds a new clever dimension, right? LOL

On the fairy, it is intended to have different line values. People print the jpeg as a digital stamp and then color it by hand using markers and then make cards out of the images, so they don't usually use any digital help to color, so the lighter lines are simply to allow them to color over them if they like as an accent.

Carmen, I did do the colored ones in photoshop using filters and watercolor brushes. :) I like the antiquey feel to those and when I get a chance I want to try more in that appeals to me a lot.