Thursday, September 30, 2010

Snow White: Don't eat that apple

For promo card. What do you think?


pete said...

hey, wendy. great logo! you put the "art" in martin! :)

i think this looks really good! the interaction between the characters is great. you've really sold the viewer in getting involved in the image - and the apple is a well-established focal point. i also think your choice in blurring the background foliage is smart, too. the overall color balance is very calm and serene - just what you'd want for this type of story. lots of great stuff going on here! congrats!

one area that grabbed me was a sort of emptiness in the grasses. you might consider adding more plant detail to the area nearest the characters (if you're wanting to push if further). i see some grass poking out from behind the peasant lady, but it seems to stop behind her and doesn't show up anywhere else.

excellent work on the cloth folds - and i like the subtle details on the green dress especially.

best of luck on the mailer!

Lyon said...

Thanks. I think I will just send it out as is if there's nothing glaring out as wrong. I wanted this to be a summer mailer. Too late for that.

Maybe a bit of grass in the foreground lower right hand corner?

pete said...

yeah. maybe grass in that area would be good. and always remember that summer mailers make great fall mailers too! :)

best of luck!

Christy/Tiddly Inks Digitals said...

Looks good overall. I do agree on the emptimess of the right side hill...There isn't anything wrong like you said, but that was the first thing I noticed to suggest to change. :)

I think it will make a nice fall mailer...Snow White feels like a fall idea. :)

Patti said...

I like the composition of this and how it brings you to your name. My only thought has to do with the perspective in the path rocks and the window. It feels a little off.

Isaac Marzioli - Freelance Illustrator said...

Hi there,

I think it's a great start, but I feel like the perspective needs a little bit of help. The building that Snow White is in is going back at one angle and the rocks that she's leaning through are at a different angle. The rocks on the right side of the opening are fine enough, but the rocks on the left side should also have some dimension if they're at that angle.

As far as the background (grass and trees), I feel like there should be more texture. Obviously you don't want it to dominate the illustration, as it's just background, but it feels a little unfinished...oh and the grass on both sides of the rock path are the same color - I think if you mess with the saturation, or do a fading gradient on the left side (as it's potentially further away in the background), then that'll help.

But anyway - I think it's a great take on the story, it just needs a little push!