Friday, May 21, 2010

Lloyd and Bees

So this is part of what I've been working on.  Sadly it's not all as interesting as this - as I've picked up some really mind numbing freelance...

But I'm still working with a writer to pitch a couple of shows to Nickelodeon and other cartoon networks.  This was just a doodle that turned into an Illustration Friday drawing and then I felt like I had to finish it up - and it contains a character from the show I'm working on pitching, so I felt like it sort of counts as working towards that goal...

Whatcha think? 


pete said...

Sorry for the delay...I've been meaning to comment on this for days, but I've been wrapping up a project.

I really like the depth you created and the way you've handled atmospheric values. The overall picture really feels complete and balanced

The character is great, too. It's very much done in your style. the bees are great...simply stated but very effective.

As far as crits go, I'd say the shapes of the tree trunks could maybe be more interesting. The roots seem to be resting atop the grass rather than inserting into the ground. And it'd be interesting to see if you could incorporate more texture into the walking path and sky.

Also, that critters tongue is mega long - which I like (feels like charicature)!

Nice work! Good luck with the proposals!

Patti said...

Love the character! That tongue is really something! I wish you all the best in getting a cartoon. I think your characters are so perfect for that.

Carmen Keys said...

I love the enthusiasm in this piece! I think the long, flapping tongue especially adds to that feeling. Great expression too.
I too like the depth in the picture -- though something about the two hills being the same color/value flattens it out in the very background. Maybe the further hill could be slightly bluer to make it recede? I also agree with Pete about the tree roots. Somehow the front tree at least looks to be floating a little bit or just resting on top of the ground instead of growing out of it. It may be the roots that are giving that feeling.
I like the colors in this and the long, winding path. Also the differently sized bees make the swarm also look three dimensional. Looks great overall!

Lyon said...

I love the tongue too. There is so much detail on the right side of the picture the left side looks a bit on-done. Try and add a bit more detail in the closer portion of the path.

I also think the beehive needs a shadow like the animals has. Slightly smaller and lighter because the beehive is further away.

Great job, lots of emotion in s simple format.