Monday, April 12, 2010

Me drawing a bug

I just posted a really short video of me drawing a bug on You Tube. I hope to start doing more of these types of videos. [LINK]


pete said...

Hi, Steve. Great sketch and cool video!

What model Cintiq are you using? I can't get one yet, but I've been researching various models. Do you think bigger is better with these?

Steve Harpster said...

I have both versions. The big one is the one I use all the time. I love it, but it's really heavy and has to sit upright at a 45 to 75 degree angle. The small one can sit on your lap or flat on a desk and is more like drawing on a sketch pad. They both can be hooked up to a lap top but again, the big one really isn't portable so good luck hauling that around. They both work really well but it is different than working in a sketchbook and it does take some time getting used to it.

I guess I like the bigger one better because there's so much screen real estate for all the palettes and junk and if I could have a monitor the size of a wall I would.

Isaac Marzioli - Freelance Illustrator said...

you draw too quickly Steve!

Nice little video! It's always great seeing how another artist works. I also see that you have two screens open - is that to gauge what the overall picture looks like while you're working on details?

And ps...that is a pretty dam big cintiq.

The only critique I'd like to put in is that your head gets in the way sometimes during the's something to consider....

Patti said...

great video. Of course your bug is fabulous.I love the clintiq. You are making me wish I had one!