Monday, November 2, 2009

The Light (wip)

Okie, so I've done it, I made a small storyboard and came up with a non-concrete story, but enough to make images. This is currently what I'm working on. It's ready for the watercolor paper and to start painting. I'm very excited! I took all the comments, feedback, and words from the last piece and applied them to this one...but challenging my perspective and composition a bit more. Also another huge plus to this piece is my husband, Brian, helped me big time with the details. He's a graphic designer, so for him to look at it with fresh eyes...looking at shapes, eye movement, and really made some great changes.

I feel so blessed to have so much support around my work!!!


Lyon said...

It's hard to tell in a pencil sketch but my first impression was that the lake seemed small compared to the previous image. Also, I think the girl has gotten a slight bit taller.

I have found the hardest part of doing a story board is keeping my MCs consistent throughout.

I love that you've followed through on this idea and made it into a story. Remember that each individual image must tell its own story as well as flow to the next image.

I am assuming this image is the one before the first one you showed us.

I can't wait to see the colors.

PS What colors are you using (tube names and brands?)

sara b. said...

Wendy, I see what you mean about the lake, I'm going to change the line on the left hand side of the composition and make it straighter. I think that might help. If that's not enough I'll try toning down the curve in the foreground.

I personally don't think you can tell the girl's age or size from the first one, but that's me. And the first one in my opinion doesn't really suggest how large the lake is, it's a snippet.

In my storyboard I've kept her pretty consistent...but will double check to make sure it works.

If you look at the small storyboard I have just now posted under the main image, you can see this is a few from the first illo. The first illo that I did sits before all of these, it's number one for this set.

The storyboard isn't complete, but enough to get something going. :P


sara b. said...

As far as my favorites to use that you'll find in every painting are alizarin crimson, yellow ochre, burnt umber, purple lake, dioxazine purple, prussian blue, payne's gray, cobalt blue, and hooker's green. :)

Nine out of ten times I'm using winsor newtons.

Lyon said...

Yes, that lake looks better. I was taking into account all the creatures you had in your original image to base the size on.

The comments are really nit-picky ones. I think the drawing s and the story are both wonderful.

nicbrek said...
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nicbrek said...

Great sketch. The layout is very beautiful. I can also sense that there is something exciting about to happen from the two moods you have introduced here. The running excited duo and the calm, almost mesmerized girl in the lake.